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UCLA Smart Grid Thought Leadership ForumTuesday, April 28, 2015

About the Forum

On April 28, 2015, UCLA's Smart Grid Energy Research Center or SMERC is hosting its Smart Grid Research and Demonstration Thought Leadership Forum to discuss research performed, technology developed, data analytics developed, initial lessons learned, and, the overall progress in the last 5 years since the region and the country embarked on various Smart Grid projects.

We have made tremendous progress by adopting various technologies from the Information and Communications Technologies (ICT), World-wide web, renewable energy generation, energy storage, Internet of Things (IOT), etc., into the Grid. By installing smart meters, we have our finger on the pulse of the grid that is now smarter. By adding smart appliances within smart homes, buildings and factories, we have started to investigate smart energy controls. We have substantially increased the number of electric vehicles on the road, and have started to create smart and scalable infrastructure to support these vehicles in a grid-friendly manner. We are connecting rooftop solar to the grid in greater numbers and now even integrating electric vehicles and distributed energy storage systems into renewable generation sources on our distribution grid. We now have a smarter consumer - one that is getting actively involved in energy consumption, energy storage as well as energy generation (through photo-voltaic solar) decisions - a.k.a., a Prosumer. The simultaneous developments on various fronts are resulting in the beginning of the development of the SMART GRID. At this upcoming event, we are looking forward to an interactive discussion on where we are today after half a decade of work, in the field of Smart Grids.

Topics include, but not limited to:

  • Stimulus ARRA investment - status of progress by utilities, vendors, consultants and universities
  • Advanced Smart Grid Technologies - Communications, Sensors, Controls, Smart switches, Wireless and Mobile Technologies, Bi-directional power flow systems
  • Automated Demand Response - Integration of Consumer's electricity infrastructure with utility's infrastructure in combination with incentive-based pricing
  • AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure) - Automation at various levels including billing and monitoring, Smart Meter Integration, Meter data management or MDM, Head-End Integration, CIS Integration
  • Electric Vehicles - Integration of EV and Battery Technology into a smart grid, Battery Management Systems, Standards, EVSE, SAE J2293 J1772, J2953, V2G, G2V, aggregation, grid impact
  • Smart Appliance Integration - Communications interfaces, data formats, sense-control infrastructure, status of universally accepted standards
  • Customer and consumer response - Integrating customer response into the technological advancements associated with the smart grid
  • Renewable Integration - Solar PVC Integration, Intermittency correction, Wind Integration
  • Energy Storage Integration - Battery integration with Battery management systems
  • Micro-grids - combining multiple technologies to achieve off-grid capabilities for limited time periods
  • Modeling and architecture - Hierarchical versus P2P models, Information models, data models, Internet/Wireless Models, RF-sensor models
  • Scaling up - Balancing flexibility, reliability and cost with scalability
  • Cyber-infrastructure and Cyber-security - NERC CIP, Communications/ data/app security, embedded device security, intrusion detection/prevention, layers of security, security policy
  • Standards - Standardization process, Role of Open systems in standards, Role of NIST, FERC, NERC, EPRI, SAE, ISO, etc.
  • Legislation and its impact on the smart grid Policies and Regulations
  • Communications networks in enabling smart grids - LTE, WiMax, GPRS, CDMA, WiFi, Zigbee, Zwave, PLC, etc.

Speaker Nominations

We are currently accepting a limited number of speaker nominations:
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Current Speakers

Robert Weisenmiller
Robert Weisenmiller
California Energy
Emil Abdelshehid
Emil Abdelshehid
Los Angeles Department of Water and Power
Murali Baggu
Murali Baggu
National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Michael Boehm
MIchael Boehm
Advanced Sustainability Institute
Vikram Budhraja
Vikram Budhraja
Electric Power Group LLC.
Sunil Chhaya
Sunil Chhaya
Electric Power Research Institute
Rajit Gadh
Rajit Gadh
UCLA Smart Grid Energy Research Center
Mike Gravely
Mike Gravely
California Energy Commission
Matt Koenig
Matt Koenig
Princeton Power Systems
Ali Miremadi
Ali Miremadi
California ISO
Jim Parks
Jim Parks
Sacramento Municipal
Utility District
Rick Teebay
Rick Teebay
County of Los Angeles
Matt Koenig
Rohit Moghe

Previous Speakers

Previous speakers have included:

Bob Frazier Director of Technology Houston Electric
Timothy Simon Commissioner California Public Utilities Commission
Dan Ton Program Manager Smart Grid R&D, U.S. Department of Energy
Dave Chassin Staff Scientist PNNL
Dave Watson Program Manager Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Doug Kim Director Advanced Technology, Southern California Edison
Erich Gunther Chairman and CTO EnerNex Corporation
George Arnold National Coordinator for Smart Grid Interoperability NIST
Glenn Steiger General Manager Glendale Water and Power
Jack McGowan Leader Galvin Perfect Power
Jim Parks Program Manager, Energy Efficiency & Customer R&D Sacramento Municipal Utility District
Kevin Dasso Senior Director of Smart Grid & Technology Integration Pacific Gas & Electric Company
Krishnan Gowri Senior Research Engineer Pacific Northwest National Lab
Kshamit Dixit Director of IT Security Toronto Hydro
Lee Krevat Director - Smart Grid San Diego Gas & Electric
Liang Min Grid Operations Leader Lawrence Livermore National Labs
Livio Gallo Chief Executive Officer Enel Distribuzione
Luke Clemente General Manager, Metering & Sensing Systems GE Energy - Digital Energy
Malcolm Unsworth President & CEO Itron, Inc.
Marie Hattar VP, Network Systems & Security Solutions Cisco
Mark McGranaghan VP EPRI
Marvin Moon Director of Power System Engineering Los Angeles Department of Water and Power
Matthew Lampe Chief Information Officer Los Angeles Department of Water and Power
Michael Peevey President California Public Utilites Commission
Michael Montoya Director Engineering Advancement Southern California Edison
Mike Gravely Manager Energy Systems Research Office California Energy Commission
Mukhles Bhuiyan Smart Grid Program Director Los Angeles Department of Water and Power
Nancy Ryan Deputy Executive Director for Policy California Public Utilities Commission
Paul De Martini Managing Director Newport Consulting Group,LLC
Rajit Gadh Director UCLA WINMEC
Scott Backhaus Staff Scientist Los Alamos National Laboratory
Scott Pugh Science & Technology Directorate Department of Homeland Security
Shirish Sathaye General Partner Khosla Ventures
Stanton Hadley Power and Energy Systems Group Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Susan Covino Senior Consultant, Market Strategy PJM Interconnection LLC
Ted Reguly Director - Smart Meter Program Office San Diego Gas and Electric
Vikram Budhraja President Electric Power Group


Edward K. Rice Conference Room
University of California, Los Angeles