Ackerman Solar Rooftop Project

February 26, 2015
Ackerman Solar Rooftop Project

UCLA SMERC has launched a software-based web tool for monitoring the amount of solar energy being generated by the solar panels installed on the rooftop of Ackerman Union. The Ackerman Solar Rooftop Project provides a live web-feed that displays hourly data for the energy collected throughout the day and month, along with the total CO2 offset and power flow. The web-feed is available through the SMERC website and includes graphs that cycle and show cumulative energy data for the 24 hour period, past week, and month.

SMERC has worked in cooperation with the Associated Students UCLA to install the equipment necessary to monitor and transmit the solar energy data to its control center, which feeds the data to the live web-feed. In addition, SMERC is conducting research on real-time energy control of solar output using a battery energy storage system (BESS). The results of this research and developmental approach should be available soon.

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