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October 12, 2015
When Will We Get Smart Grids?

In an MIT Technology Review article from May 1, 2015, UCLA SMERC was discussed on the progress of smart grids.

Read the excerpt below:
Widely implementing dynamic electricity prices will require adequate funding to educate consumers, says a report released by Department of Energy last September. Sometimes the notifications that customers have received about electricity prices have been too frequent and confusing, it says. But new home appliances and electric vehicles that can get real-time data about pricing could free consumers from even having to make such decisions—devices can be configured to turn on or charge their batteries only when the price of electricity is low. UCLA's Smart Grid Energy Research Center is using data gathered from about 130 electric-vehicle charging stations around campus to develop algorithms that use a person's price preferences to determine when the cars should charge. The model is described in a paper presented at an Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers conference in February.

Read the full article at MIT Technology Review

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