December 7, 2015
SMERC director hosts delegation from ASEAN
(Association of Southeast Asian Nations)

During the visit of a delegation from ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations), SMERC Director Rajit Gadh (above, standing right) talks with Ronnie Aperocho, First Vice President and Head of Networks for Meralco, the largest electric power provider in the Philippines, whose service territory is the Metro Manila area.

Also on the delegation were energy ministers and electric power utility executives from the ASEAN countries, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, and Vietnam.

Below, SMERC Director Rajit Gadh (standing right) talks with ASEAN delegation members, including Dr. Tuan Anh Nguyen, Director General of the Electricity Regulatory Authority of Vietnam (seated second from right) and Tran Dinh Nhan, (seated far right) Chairman and General Director of Vietnam's Central Power Corporation.

During the delegation's visit SMERC's Director Rajit Gadh talked with its members about smart grids, microgrids, renewable electric power integration into grids, optimal battery energy storage system (BESS) utilization in microgrids, demand response equipped appliances, grid-to-vehicle (G2V), vehicle-to-grid (V2G) and vehicle-to-building (V2G) electric power interactions, as well as bi-directional power, information and control flows in the electricity distribution grid.

Above, SMERC's Director Rajit Gadh speaks with Indonesia's Dr. Agung Wicaksono, Deputy Head of the Project Management Office for 35000 MW Electricity Construction, within Indonesia's Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources.

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