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It is a university-industry-government partnership based in UCLA to create thought leadership, innovation and an open discussion forum in ICT (Information & Communication Technologies) as applied to the Smart Grid of the future Power Grid and Energy Industry.


UCLA SMERC will create and host the UCLA Smart Grid Consortium in partnership with utilities, industry, regulators and other public and private stakeholders. A kick off meeting is planned for defining the detailed goals of the consortium on September 25, 2012 in UCLA. Space for this kick off meeting is very limited – for those interested, please apply here.


Tuesday September, 25th 2012
8:30am on UCLAs Campus
(venue will be disclosed after registration is confirmed)

September 25, 2012

Agenda   Global Energy Marketplace Requires a SMART GRID
As we move towards a global industrialization trend with developing nations continuing to rapidly modernize and upgrade their manufacturing and civil infrastructure, energy is a necessary ingredient that they are all rapidly seeking, acquiring rights to, and, consuming. With energy rapidly becoming a global commodity, a hurricane in the United States has an instantaneous impact on the price of energy in Africa. As a result, countries across the globe are looking at new sources of energy including wind and solar. Such renewable energy sources, while being potentially cleaner than carbon-based sources, are intermittent, and therefore require a sophisticated and modern state-of-the-art electric power grid – i.e. a SMART GRID. Meanwhile, in cities across various parts of the world, electric urban transportation in the form of Electric Vehicles is presenting yet another opportunity for reducing the use of gasoline, but resulting in challenges in the form of increased electric load during afternoons, a time typically associated with peak consumption. A SMART GRID, by performing smart charging of such vehicles, can not only help alleviate such problems by charging during off-peak hours, but also can store energy in EV batteries at night and can access this energy as a virtual power plant in the daytime during peak conditions – perhaps even creating an arbitrage marketplace for retail power. Distributed energy generation and distributed energy storage call for advanced technologies that have found their way into mobile phones, communications, computing, internet and media, to be employed, integrated and deployed in the SMART GRID of the future. An ensemble of opportunities therefore lie ahead of us in the next one to two decades in the creation of a grid that can accommodate the energy needs of the 21st Century – a SMART GRID.

UCLA is located in a region that is served by some of the leading utilities in the nation and that are demonstrating and deploying Smart Grid technologies. This region has experienced a rapidly increasing number of solar and wind companies, several local electric vehicle companies, and a culture of innovation in technology, media, internet, communications, and energy. The Smart Grid is enabled when these various disciplines converge. With a progressive industry and policy makers, abundant sunshine and the rapidly increasing number of electric vehicles, this region is particularly attractive for the formation of such a consortium. The consortium, currently in its inception stages, will bring together the major stakeholders in the region as well as nationally to create thought leadership, host regular discussions, meetings, workshops and conferences. The Consortium would embark upon the creation of technology and test-beds that individual organizations or utilities on their own may not be able to do. The Consortium would facilitate meetings with students in UCLA as well as schedule visits to research labs. The Consortium will also provide its constituents the opportunity to partner in federal, state and local research, technology and demonstration projects.

Speakers   Membership Levels
Membership levels have been created based on the range of the companies that are expected to participate in the consortium, which would potentially range from small startups to large Fortune 100 companies.

Membership Advantage
By joining the consortium, our corporate partners acquire early access to information about advanced technologies being developed in the lab. They also learn about new or upcoming federal and/or state funding programs as such opportunities for collaboration arise. For several years now, UCLA has built a reputation of providing exceptional diverse talent and research partnership participation to our corporate supporters and SMERC is continuing this tradition.

Partners enjoy various collaborative opportunities, which enable their respective organizations to achieve their strategic goals of increasing involvement in philanthropic work with university research while potentially helping their organization achieve their business and energy goals.

Partnership opportunities are available at several levels. As a Consortium corporate partner; companies send a strong message to the world that they are committed to the transformative value they bring to the future of energy in the United States and the world. We look forward to developing a lasting and rewarding partnership with our partners organizations!

For more information on becoming a Consortium corporate partner, please contact us at:


UCLA - WINMEC, 44-116S Engr. IV, 420 Westwood Plaza, Los Angeles, CA. 90095