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Smart Grid Industry Partners (IPP) Summit

On April 16, 2014, UCLA SMERC will host a summit to discuss advanced technology demonstrations planning from now until 2020. The goals and processes for our existing Industry Partners Program or IPP that we plan to implement via regional demonstrations over the next 18 months will be presented and discussed. At this summit, we will present a framework for a top-level architecture of our Smart Grid development efforts. Industry Partners Program (IPP) members and potentially interested companies are invited to save the date for our upcoming summit.

We look forward to industry and utility involvement in defining technical elements of our architectural approach and closer integration with our technology demonstration efforts. Finally there is the opportunity to help identify program elements to highlight an event that SMERC is planning in Washington D.C. in late spring to showcase the work of our researchers, students, utility partners and industry partners. We look forward to an interactive summit and welcome your participation.

  • Have utilities present role of industry and universities in smart grid demonstrations and projects
  • Present, review and get feedback on overall smart grid system architecture, including IPP technology role.
  • Start to develop a Smart Grid Roadmap
  • Have IPP members talk about their current and future technologies
  • Introduce researchers and students to IPP partners.
  • Enhance IPP membership: Get new IPP members and work closely with existing ones

We are currently accepting speaker nominations:
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Current Speakers:
Emil Abdelshehid Los Angeles Department of Water & Power
Anthony Barraza Western Sales Manager Gridsense
Michael Boehm Industry Partner Program UCLA Smart Grid Energy Research Center
John Bryan VP, Product & Marketing CODA Energy
Andrew Dillon VP Business Development, Co-Founder Varentec
Rajit Gadh Director UCLA Smart Grid Energy Research Center
Bruce N. Hamer Smart Grid Program Manager Burbank Water and Power
Darren Hammell Co-Founder, Chief Strategy Officer Princeton Power Systems
Mark E. Irwin Director of Technology Development, Advanced Technology Department Southern California Edison
Lee Krevat Director - Smart Grid and Clean Transportation San Diego Gas & Electric
Jim Parks Program Manager, Energy Efficiency and Customer R&D Sacramento Municipal Utility District
Ranjan Pant Chief Technical Officer PowerMax Global LLC
Catherine Sandoval Commissioner California Public Utilities Commission
Vijay Ujjian Director of Product Management Proximetry


UCLA's SMERC (Smart Grid Energy Research Center) to support its Smart Grid Research and Demonstration activities has set up the SMERC Industry Partners Program or IPP.

SMERC IPP members would be partners/collaborators (if approved) in one or more of the UCLA SMERC demonstration and research projects. Examples of such projects are as follows:

We believe that such industry-university collaboration would be important to the success of the smart grid as it would allow research innovations to be implemented in the backdrop of real-world infrastructure. Currently the active projects at SMERC include Demand Response, Electric Vehicle Integration, Microgrid Modeling and Integration, Consumer response/behavior/acceptance, Information Security in Grid infrastructure, and Wireless Interfaces for Sense-and-Control of the campus grid. These research projects and associated concepts would be tested within the context of the UCLA SMERC living lab. The living lab consists of building and residential loads as well as electric vehicles plugged into the grid - all integrated with smart grid technologies to support the various demonstrations. This campus living lab smart grid concept enables SMERC to understand how to enable a smart grid in a community the size of UCLA and subsequently, the modeling and simulation/verification of such models would provide a guiding light on scaling up of the campus grid to one encompassing the City of Los Angeles or beyond even to other regions of California or the nation.

This event is meant for utilities interested in the campus living lab smart grid demonstration, Smart Grid technology providers who can participate and contribute, regulators and policy makers who are interested in seeing what's possible, government entities such as DOE labs who have created substantial technologies in the Smart Grid, standards organizations, etc. At this meeting, we will be discussing current technology demonstrations and research projects as well as those that we would embark upon over the next several years in UCLA and the neighboring regions that wish to participate. We will also discuss future plans for IPP functioning, roles, responsibilities, information dissemination, information gathering, creating partnerships, partnering with SMERC on federal or state funded grants and cost share that the IPP members can provide to such existing and future grants. Examples of recent collaborations with industry and how they are providing their contributions to projects and cost-share will be discussed. A key objective of this meeting would be to mobilize SMERC IPP for creating a successful research collaboration with industry on Smart Grid at UCLA.

If you need more information about the event or SMERC IPP, please email info@smartgrid.ucla.edu


UCLA Faculty Center
Sequoia Room

480 Charles E. Young Dr. East,
Los Angeles, CA, 90095


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