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UCLA's Smart Grid Energy Research Center or SMERC is creating a Smart Grid Training Workshop for utilities, industry and government. This workshop will be taught by leading academic and industry experts and will be organized by SMERC in UCLA. The workshop will integrate a fundamental knowledge of the different aspects and topics within the umbrella of Smart Grid with real-world technologies deployed, applications and use case studies. Participation at this workshop would range from managers and engineers to executives – any who wishes to get a perspective on what the smart grid of the future would look like, how advanced technologies would modify the current grid, and how the smart grid of the future would benefit the consumer, utilities, and society.

We will invite regional utilities to send an instructor for one or two topics that are important to each utility.

Target Audience

The workshop is designed and intended for utilities, private enterprises, non-profits working on energy and the power grid, and government organizations.

Workshop Dates & Program

March 18 – 22, 2013
The first workshop will be on March 18, 2013. See the program schedule of workshops by visiting the program page.
Target Audience

See the speakers who will be presenting at the Smart Grid Training Workshop by visiting the speakers page.

Workshop Objectives   By the end of this workshop, attendees will be able to:
  1. Advance their knowledge about advanced smart grid technologies and their benefits
  2. Understand how advanced technologies should be integrated to enable a modern grid
  3. Understand how renewables can be integrated more seamlessly using smart grid technologies
  4. Help make decisions on smart grid technology selection when working in their day to day jobs
  5. Get an overall picture of what the grid of the future would be like with advanced ICT
  6. Get an understanding of the technology, business and operations of energy generation through consumption.

Workshop Outlines   Below is an outline of some of the topics covered:
  1. Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) and their adoption in the Smart Grid,
  2. Automated Demand-Response (ADR),
  3. Electric Vehicle Integration into the Grid, EVSE,
  4. Battery and Storage Integration and Aggregation,
  5. Cyber Security,
  6. Renewable Integration including Wind and Solar Technologies,
  7. Microgrids,
  8. Wide Area situational awareness (WASA),
  9. Wireless and Wireline Communications,
  10. Digital Sense & Control of the grid,
  11. Advanced Technologies and their integration,
  12. Making a business case for advanced technologies,
  13. Advanced technologies for Distribution Automation,
  14. Utility time-cycles of adoption,
  15. Customer Behavior,
  16. Standards and Interoperability,
  17. Grid architectures,
  18. Simulation and validation,
  19. Cloud computing and mobile apps in smart grids and consumers interfaces,
  20. Home area networks as supporting infrastructure,
  21. Advanced Metering Infrastructure,
  22. Demand Response and Demand Management,
  23. Advanced pricing schemes,
  24. Regulation and pricing consideration,
  25. Feed-in tariffs and net metering,
  26. Residential solar integration,
  27. Visualization, and,
  28. Large Data analysis.
  29. Generation
  30. Transmission
  31. Distribution automation
  32. Substation automation
  33. Customer
  34. Connection between generation, transmission, distribution automation, substation automation and customer.

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Location   Workshops will be held at UCLA.

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