Course   Design of Smart Grids and Their Integration into Electric Vehicle and Smart Building Infrastructure

This course provides an introduction to Smart Grids. The combination of technology, utility considerations, and consumer considerations will be studied. The rapid changes in communications and power infrastructure in the grid will be presented. Smart grid applications such as Demand Response, Real-time pricing, Home area networks, Advanced Metering Systems, smart loads and appliances, etc., will be studied.

The role of renewable energy sources in particular intermittent source such as solar and wind will be studied in the context of their integration into the grid including technical issues such as communications and control and local grid balancing. The impact of electric vehicles on the grid and advances in the power systems to incorporate such vehicles will be studied. Simulation techniques, monitoring the distribution and consumer segment of the grid and grid efficiency topics will be covered. Students will get the opportunity to work on an independent project in the field of Smart Grid. Residential and office grid balancing using Micro-grid concepts by smart integration of solar and battery storage will be studied.

The UCLA Smart Grid Lab ( will be used to showcase research demonstrations such as electric vehicle charge monitoring and control system, the automated demand response system, and the Microgrid demonstration being developed in the UCLA campus. Speakers from utilities, government and industry will be invited to give seminars.


Student Projects   Student Projects

Automated Demand Response Control systems (1)
Electric Vehicle monitoring and control (9)
Micro-grid Balancing (6)
Automated Metering Infrastructure (0)
Supervisory Control and Automation Networks (0)
Home area networking for energy management and control (6)
Wireless interface and control of smart appliances (2)
Securing information on a smart grid network (0)
Wide area situational awareness communications, monitoring and control (0)
Modeling and simulation of Demand Response (2)
Managing, monitoring and controlling community-based battery storage systems (3)
Independent Projects (2)

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