EV Monitoring & Control   Electric Vehicle monitoring and control
Student Projects

"Within vehicle-to-grid energy transfer we hope to address how to design a charging station that is capable of bidirectional power flow, which concerns grid stability."
Midterm Presentation - J. Poon, S. Cullenward

"This is where the smart grid technology can be used in charging stations to monitor usage, shifting power from low demand charges to high demand charges without overloading the energy use already in place."
Midterm Presentation - A. Riggs, D. Bastomski

"...how EVs can store power and create the possibility for consumers to become the suppliers themselves"
Midterm Presentation - W. Lam, M. Ge

"...research on the different charging characteristics of different models of smart meters and the resulting pricing for various makes and models of EVs" Midterm Presentation P. Namasondhi, M. Shorum

"The end goal of this project is to prove the viability of integrating EV charging... done with grid-related constraints and restrictions in mind."
Midterm Presentation - A. Shepelev, C. Chung

"Using EVs as storage devices could... handle spikes in power usage and in turn providing financial benefit to the owners for allowing their cars to be used for power storage."
Midterm Presentation - D. Yee, A. Go

"...would EVs be too great a burden for our traditional grid system?"
Midterm Presentation - J. Bakhshi, D. Leong

"...introduce wireless monitoring and charging for electric vehicles."
Midterm Presentation - N. Wong, D. Yang

"...electric vehicles (EV's) can be integrated onto the infrastructure of a smart grid in order to provide both the consumers and producers of power a number of benefits, and lead to an improved and vastly more efficient and dynamic grid."
Midterm Presentation - A. Salahuddin, N. Gupta


NEWS   Student Projects

Automated Demand Response Control systems (1)
Electric Vehicle monitoring and control (9)
Micro-grid Balancing (6)
Automated Metering Infrastructure (0)
Supervisory Control and Automation Networks (0)
Home area networking for energy management and control (6)
Wireless interface and control of smart appliances (2)
Securing information on a smart grid network (0)
Wide area situational awareness communications, monitoring and control (0)
Modeling and simulation of Demand Response (2)
Managing, monitoring and controlling community-based battery storage systems (3)
Independent Projects (2)

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