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Micorgrid Balancing   Micro-grid Balancing
Student Projects

"...the devices in the grid use a continuously updated price plan to create demand plans that can be aggregated and used to plan energy production."
Midterm Presentation - J. Chynoweth, V. Li, A. San

"The traditional way of electricity distribution should be able to change using smart microgrid, a small-scale and local power distribution and storage system."
Midterm Presentation - N. Le, G. Garcia

"In order to ensure energy efficient operation of a microgrid, the variable output from a local renewable energy source must be optimally balanced with loading and energy storage. "
Midterm Presentation - F. Lee, C. Sze

" a charging alorigthm to store energy from the rooftop solar panels and the micro-wind turbine in the EVs..."
Midterm Presentation - P. Johnson, L. Tse

"The goal of our project is to explore the micro-grid balancing including solar and battery storage, which is focusing on finding an alternative that may well be isolated and used to avoid lack of energy supply and failure of the operation of the main grid."
Midterm Presentation - W. Shi, R. Huang

"...creating a hybrid solar energy system which made out of solar panel, battery, and smart-grid can control the usage and storage of energy and will help lower the electricity bill."
Midterm Presentation - N. Patel, Y. Biehler


NEWS   Student Projects

Automated Demand Response Control systems (1)
Electric Vehicle monitoring and control (9)
Micro-grid Balancing (6)
Automated Metering Infrastructure (0)
Supervisory Control and Automation Networks (0)
Home area networking for energy management and control (6)
Wireless interface and control of smart appliances (2)
Securing information on a smart grid network (0)
Wide area situational awareness communications, monitoring and control (0)
Modeling and simulation of Demand Response (2)
Managing, monitoring and controlling community-based battery storage systems (3)
Independent Projects (2)

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