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Cyber Security   WINSmartEV™ Cybersecurity Project for Smart EV Charging Networks
While a smart EV charging system becomes an information-interconnected network, it potentially exposes new vulnerabilities to cyber threats. It is therefore critical to have anomaly detection to determine vulnerabilities so as to protect the system against cyber-attacks and false data injection. Here we introduce an anomaly detection method based on correlation analysis and multivariate time-series segmentation technique to capture the anomalies. This research supports the UCLA SMERC WINSmartEV™ network project that has been ongoing for a decade.


Leadership Team:

Professor Rajit Gadh (P.I.), Director, UCLA WINMEC, CAEV, SMERC, ESmart
Dr. Peter Chu, Project Lead, UCLA WINMEC, CAEV, SMERC, ESmart
Dr. Ching-Yen Chung, Staff Researcher, UCLA WINMEC, CAEV, SMERC, ESmart
Charlie Qiu, Senior Researcher, SMERC, ESmart
Dr. Yu-Wei Chung, PhD Researcher, SMERC, ESmart
Zhiyuan (Ethan) Cao, PhD Student, SMERC, ESmart
Cole Rodgers, Student Researcher, SMERC, ESmart
Vishal Anantharaman, Student Researcher, SMERC, ESmart
Zachary Lau, Student Researcher, SMERC, ESmart

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